Why choose Niemi-Korpi Oy?

We have been trading new and used trucks for nearly 30 years with over 5,000 satisfied customers and more than 10,000 vehicles sold.

Why do so many people looking for trucks or trailers and accessories turn to us?

We’ll let you in on the many reasons:

1 We are a one-stop shop for vehicles and accessories

We offer ready-to-use vehicles. We customise and equip both new and used trucks to meet your needs.

We provide lifters, demountable boxes and equipment, trailer sets, enclosed bodies, machine transport pallets, etc.

When you shop with us, everything is found on the same invoice. This makes most sense for the buyer, in case they ever need to make any warranty claims.

2 We offer financing with no deposit

We offer sensible financing or leasing contracts with a 1-5-year term of payment.

You can utilise your trade-in car as a deposit. However, financing is naturally available without a deposit, as well.

3 We also stock new vehicles

In addition to used vehicles, we also stock new Iveco trucks.

This means you also get to take a look at and test drive new trucks.

4 We can deliver within 1-2 days

We are famous for fast service.

We calculate same-day quotations quickly and are able to deliver in-stock vehicles in one or two days.

5 We deliver throughout Finland

Our sales and delivery area covers the whole of Finland. Even if you are in Inari, we will deliver.

6 We have in-house maintenance services

We offer our customers heavy truck maintenance services.

We have our own maintenance staff in Pirkkala, and in Turku, Kokkola and Oulu we use our trusted contract partners.