Iveco S-WAY

Drive the new way

The IVECO S-WAY carries over all the advances introduced in the previous generations and adds a new cab entirely redesigned around the driver’s and the owner’s needs. In the face of fierce competition, logistics operators need top-level uptime, efficiency and productivity from their fleets. The new IVECO S-WAY perfectly meets this requirement, providing a complete package of features and services without equal, developed with focus on driver centricity, sustainability and a new, extended level of connectivity aimed at reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

In redesigning the cab from the ground up, IVECO has taken every opportunity to deliver cost savings and productivity gains to the benefit of the owner’s profitability. The new design optimises aerodynamic performance, further increasing the vehicle’s excellent fuel efficiency by up to 4%.

The IVECO S-WAY’s advanced connectivity has also been developed to help logistics operators to ensure their businesses’ profitability by maximising the vehicle’s uptime, providing a consistent and predictive service with My IVECO Way Solutions, and delivering low Total Cost of Ownership.

It also unlocks a new modular offer of premium personalised services, including professional fuel advising, fleet management and maintenance, to optimise the fleet’s performance and efficiency.
Also contributing to the low Total Cost of Ownership are design features such as the multi-piece bumper that dramatically reduces repair costs, as only the affected part needs to be replaced in the event of damage.

Read more in the prochure below and take a car for a test drive in our nearest office!
IVECO S-Way brochure