Iveco Eurocargo

The right f it for every mission

Enter the world of transport with IVECO Eurocargo. Discover its range: Eurocargo 4×2, Eurocargo 4×4 and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)


CNG and Biomethane: the most environmental fuel available.

High truck performance

Besides the proven Tector 5 (4,5 litre) and Tector 7 (6,7 litre) diesel engines, the new 6.7litre CNG engine uses the most environmentally-friendly fuel commercially available. The vehicle’s features are identical to the diesel versions.


New 8 speed ZF automatic transmission ensures that the optimal driveline can be created for any mission.

Comfort and functionality with the new easy to-use dashboard, configurable cluster and infotainment.

Redesigned dashboard
The updated dashboard is designed to facilitate the driver’s life on board.

Configurable cluster
Eurocargo stands out from the crowd with its standard 10-inch cluster, which provides excellent visibility of the vehicle information with more readable, larger font sizes.

New infotainment
Life on board is even more pleasant with a choice of a new DAB radio and infotainment system. The display is in the central section of the dashboard. The driver will easily bring their digital life on board with Alexa and the in-cab microphone.

New controls
New controls for heating and air conditioning, new steering column stalk controls, new key system.

Towards the autonomous drive

Enjoy more safety and less fatigue on long working days behind the wheel with the new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Driving in busy traffic and door-to-door missions become stress free with the new city-focused ADAS.

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